Digital Impressions

We are very happy to announce that we’ve gone digital! Impression trays? They’re a thing of the past. With digital impressions, We don’t have to use sticky materials and uncomfortable impression trays anymore! The digital scanner creates an immediate and accurate 3D visualization of your teeth with advanced 3D technology.

The treatment plan can be viewed and discussed with the dentist providing a better understanding of treatment options. Digital impressions can be shared with partners to get your final treatment – efficient communication and fast service. Digital  impressions ensure high-quality treatment options for you.


Why is it more beneficial to get a digital impression instead of a traditional impression?

  • Digital impressions are highly accurate without the need to bite on unpleasant impression materials that cause gag reflex.

Is a digital impression safe?

  • Thanks to Primescan’s hygiene options there is no risk of infectious cross contamination.

How long does it take to get the final treatment?

  • It depends on your case, a digital impression with Primescan and the instant data sharing with partners speeds up your final treatment.